About Us

We are keeping it real:

Macro Portioned

Portion sizes are decided so the customer gets the right amount of proteins, carbs, fats and calories.

Portion Controlled

Servings sizes are large enough to fill you up without the temptation for over eating.


Our chefs have a combined 20+ years of meal prep experience. They will not disappoint!


What our customers says about us

Just order!
I am so glad I ordered! Delicious meals I look forward to eating. Has made my life much easier! Save yourself time and stress…just order!
Stay Consistent
Who has time to cook? I work two jobs. I’ve made the decision to eat healthier. These meals help me to stay consistent and they taste so good!!

New Customer Discount

20% Off

Get 20% off* your first order with us, by using the coupon code “letsdothis” during checkout or clicking the button below.

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