Paleo vs. Keto-friendly vs. Coach’s Choice Meals

Paleo vs. Keto-friendly vs. Coach's Choice Banner

Paleo vs. Keto-friendly vs. Coach’s Choice Meals

With so many diets bombarding us every day on social media, television and from well-intentioned friends, we want to fill you in on the basics of the tried-and-true meal plans offered by Keeping It Real Meals!  At Keeping It Real Meals, we specialize in 3 awesome meal plans for weight loss, as well as our Signature Meals which are great options for keeping off the weight. We are dedicated to Keeping It Real by providing gluten free, macro formulated, portion-controlled meals each and every week!


The Paleo diet, short for “Paleolithic” diet is lower in carbs than a typical American diet with no potatoes, corn or rice but includes healthy carbs, like sweet potatoes and cauliflower rice. It’s a moderate protein, moderate fat diet that is gluten and dairy free. This option is beneficial for weight loss and maintenance, increasing energy, diabetic friendly, anti-inflammatory, and reduces the risk of chronic disease.

  • Gluten Free – no wheat, rye or barley including pastas and breads.
  • Grain Free – no rice, corn, quinoa, millet, or buckwheat. 
  • Dairy Free – no milk, butter, cheese, cream, yogurt
  • Sugar Free – no artificial sweeteners or refined sugar such as table sugar but does have natural sweeteners such as honey.
  • Preservative Free – no processed foods or preservatives.


The Keto diet short for “Ketogenic” diet is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. The Keto diet is loaded with fats like cheese and cream, olive oil, and avocado.  A strict Keto diet will result in quick weight loss by kicking your body into extreme fat burning mode.  But because many want the dairy found in Keto, but not the extreme high fat of a strict Keto diet, Keeping It Real offers a Keto Friendly diet. This choice is low carb and higher in fat than our other meals but won’t always throw you into ketosis.  But don’t worry, Keto Junkies, simply add a Keto Fat Bomb from our Snacks and More Menu to any Keto meal and you will achieve ketosis and increased weight loss! A strict Keto diet is not sustainable long term, but we’ve got you covered; we Keep It Real by offering meals for weight maintenance as well!

  • Gluten Free – no wheat, rye or barley including pastas and breads.
  • Grain Free – no rice, corn, quinoa, millet, or buckwheat.
  • Low Carb – no sweet potatoes, yams, artichokes, potatoes.
  • Sugar Free – no natural sugars such as honey or refined sugar.
  • Preservative Free – no processed foods or preservatives.
  • High in Fats – includes fats such as olive oil, avocado, nuts, cheese, cream, butter.

Coach’s Choice

The Coaches Choice diet specially designed by our very own Coach Fred Zoller, an award-winning gym owner and exercise and weigh loss coach is a carb rotation diet that focuses on losing fat while maintaining or gaining muscle combined with an exercise program. Meals are loaded with energy boosting nutrients and healing properties. This is the perfect meal plan for men and women who desire to lose fat while maintaining muscle. Each week there is a combination of healthy moderate and low carb options to choose from to keep your body fueled through busy days and work outs!

Of all plans offered by Keeping It Real Meals, our Signature Meals combine the best parts of all other meal plans! They’re still portion controlled, so low calorie, but allow for ingredients like cheese, rice, gluten free pastas and breads. Yes, you heard right.  You can have great tasting pastas and breads that are low carb!   Signature meals are awesome options after you’ve achieved your weight loss goals and the most sustainable, long term approach to healthy eating that will always leave you satisfied.  So, lose the weight with our Paleo, Keto & Coaches Choice meals then keep it off with our awesome Signature meals!

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